New Berlingo Electric Van

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New Berlingo Electric Van

Less than 2 pounds per 40 miles … And yes, an electric vehicle divides your daily cost by 5 (according to AVERE (National Association for the development of electric mobility).

A feat of technology which has not been achieved to the detriment of performance because New Citroën Berlingo Electric accelerates nicely, reaching 70 mph and has a range of 106 miles. What’s more, maintenance costs for Berlingo Electric are 30 to 40% lower!

Economy, performance and responsibility, that is an energy revolution.

New Berlingo Electric Van Pump
New Berlingo Electric Van Dashboard


No more tanks to fill at the service station! Thanks to its two electrical sockets, your vehicle can be recharged everywhere, even at home! The household 240 volt socket allows a 100% recharge in approx 10 hours, whereas the quick charging socket will allow you to fully recharge in 30 minutes on dedicated terminals. What’s more, the batteries do not discharge when the vehicle is not moving. Better still, they automatically recharge when slowing down and braking... Which shows that responsibility pays off!

Thanks to the electrical energy, enjoy the Bluetooth hands-free kit and your Jack socket to listen to music from a USB key, a mobile phone or a digital music player.

New Berlingo Electric Van
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