Citroen Conversions

Here at Slip End Garage, we know every business customer has their own particular needs. So we've worked with renowned coach builders to create the astonishingly flexible commercial van conversion range, made up of converted commercial vehicles. 

Whether you're in retail, the building industry or something else, you're sure to find the vehicle that perfectly matches the specific demands of your activity.​

Tipmaster’s range of Relay Tippers uses the latest electro-hydraulic body to create a class leading vehicle. The body is manufactured with a fully welded steel floor using anodised aluminium dropsides and tailboard. Steel colour-coded dropsides are available on request. A number of options are available including mesh cages, refuse hoods, tail lifts, cranes and a full range of ancillary equipment including amber beacons, tow bars, wash units and tool boxes. Tipmaster’s expertise means they can provide you with a bespoke Tipper solution to match your needs.

Key Base Models:

Relay 35 L2 HDi 130 6-speed manual Tipper

Tippers are available on a variety of Relay Chassis Cabs and Chassis Crew Cabs. ​

Somers Refrigeration’s range of conversions can be specified on all Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans*. Conversions are available as Chiller vans, Freezer vans or both, all of which can be tailored to suit your bespoke needs. Somers also offer a refrigerated box van based on a Relay chassis cab to provide even options for your refrigeration requirements.

Using their lightweight high performance insulation panels, the Somers’ conversions ensure that payloads are maximised across the range without compromising refrigeration performance.

Key Base Models:

Berlingo (Chiller or Freezer vans)
Dispatch Van (Chiller or Freezer vans)
Relay Van (Chiller or Freezer vans)

Relay L3 HDi 130 chassis (Chiller or Freezer Box Body)

Ingimex's market leading Thor Dropside body system is the result of many years of design and engineering expertise and an understanding of the needs of many customers.

The system is exceptionally long-lasting, waterproof and salt resistant. All components are pre-treated, including the one-piece phenol–coated deck, the galvanised under-frame and the anodised aluminium.

Key Base Models:

Relay 35 L3 HDi 130 6-speed manual Dropside

Dropsides are available on a variety of Relay Chassis Cabs and Chassis Crew Cabs.​

Buckstone’s range of Luton vans is ideal for all users, from national rental companies to small end users who operate just one vehicle. Every customer gets the same high specification & guaranteed quality in a complete package, which is hard to beat. This Buckstone Citroën Luton van is built to the highest quality and is superbly appointed, making it one of the most practical Luton vans available.

Key Base Models:

Relay 35 L3 HDi 130 6-speed manual Luton

Relay 35 Heavy L4 HDi 150 6-speed manual Luton​

Supertrucks’ Glass Carrier range can be fitted to Citroën Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans, making Citroën an attractive prospect for any glass company.

Low loading heights across the Citroën van range provide safe and easy loading. On Relay in particular, the vast internal space allows the fitment of an internal racking system providing safe and secure transport of glass inside the vehicle, which can be easily loaded and unloaded thanks to a class leading low load height.

Key Base Models:

Relay L3H2 HDi 130 6-speed manual Panel Van

Glass Carriers are also available on a variety of Berlingo, Dispatch and other Relay panel van models.