New Citroen C4 Grand Space Tourer

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New Citroen C4 Grand Space Tourer


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Imagine being able to see more of the world… well you can, with the Citroën C4 Grand Space Tourer. The C4 Grand Space Tourers stunning panoramic windscreen and sizable glass sunroof, available on all models, brings you vast views and maximises light as you sit in this spacious Citroën.

The C4 Grand Space Tourer is your ideal family car, with space and comfort aplenty. There is a staggering amount of storage space to keep the interior looking stylish and clutter-free; from large lidded-storage in the dashboard to aircraft-style tables in the seatbacks.

The C4 Grand Space Tourerredefines the MPV and creates a car with minimal environmental impact, particularly when opting for the e-HDi engine and Electronic System (ETG6). As well as looking eye-catching, the lightweight, aerodynamic design also lowers fuel consumption.

Bring the family down to Slip End Garages today to let the C4 Grand Space Tourer amaze you.

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